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Anonymous letter?  

Anonymous no more!!!


We can help you analyze -

In the past, receiving such a letter posed a major problem.  What to do? 

A simple reading of the letter might give the recipient some “gut feelings” but no real definite answers.


Analyzing the letter with SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis)

can reveal accurate information,  enabling the recipient

to reach the right conclusion about the letter.


What can SCAN produce?

  • Background information about the writer.

  • History, profession, gender, etc.

  • Signals of deception or truthfulness.

In some cases, SCAN can even identify the writer, although this is not guaranteed in every case.


Using SCAN to analyze anonymous letters is the most challenging type of “statement analysis”.  It is a time-consuming process; but the SCAN results can expedite the investigation of the matter by days, if not weeks, and can narrow down the search from many possible people into a few.


LSI presents a team of qualified SCAN analysts,

guided by the developer of the SCAN technique,

who are willing to offer this service to the public.


Please contact us if you have a need for any text to be analyzed. 

Rates available on request.


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SCAN by LSI - the only way to "make a statement talk"!