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LSI SCAN Courses -
at your own location!

On request, we will conduct the course exclusively for personnel of a requesting organization at any designated site, if the organization will guarantee a class of 15 students.

An in-house program can reduce the overall cost for your organization, due to savings in travel expenses and per-diem for the students.  In addition, this would enable LSI to tailor the course to the specific needs of your organization.

We offer the following classes as an in-house program:

The classes can be arranged separately, or combined in a back-to-back program (such as basic and advanced; basic and AOC; etc.)


For further information, or for a price quote, please contact us:

by e-mail:

by telephone:  602-279-3113  /   800-727-3113

by fax: 602-277-7502

by mail:

  LSI  Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation, Inc.
P O Box 17286
Phoenix, AZ  85011-7286


We look forward to hearing from you, and providing you and your personnel with a new tool for obtaining and evaluating information!


Let SCAN get the truth for you!