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See products page for complete descriptions of products.
Note:  All prices are in US dollars.  In Canada please add 5% GST.  See special pricing note below for explanation of at-course discount price.
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Please place my order for the following products:
Items Ordered Catalog # Item Regular Price Special At-Course Discount Price
Option CDR LSI SCAN CD ROM (LSI students only) $200
Option RCC REASON Command Center Version 3 (LSI students only) $ 50
$ 36
Option A The LSI SCAN Newsletter Anthology $ 30
$ 24
Option VG VIEW Guidebook with accompanying disk (LSI students only) $ 30
$ 25
Option SW1 SCAN Workshop Guidebook & accompanying disk
(LSI students only)
$ 50
$ 36
Option B SCAN Audio-cassette seminar $150
$ 65
Option C Anthology & cassette seminar (includes options A + B) $170
$ 80
Option L LOGIC Analysis Program Disk and Manual (LSI Students only) $250
Option LU LOGIC Analysis Upgrade (LSI students only) $ 10
$ 10
Option SW2 SCAN Workshop Guide Kit
(includes options A + B + SW1)   (LSI students only)
Option SW3 SCAN Workshop/ VIEW Kit
(includes options A + VG + SW1)   (LSI students only)
$ 80
(includes options A + VG + SW1 + L)   (LSI students only)
VIP1A includes the three introductory video sessions,
plus one topic from the SCAN Crime Solutions Video Library
VIP2B each additional topic from the SCAN Crime Solutions Video Library $150
$ 99
For VIP package, please specify topic(s) chosen from the SCAN Crime Solutions Video Library:
CS1.  Solving Homicide Cases with SCAN
CS2.  Solving Sexual Assault Cases with SCAN
CS3.  Solving Child Abuse Cases with SCAN
CS4.  Solving Robbery and Theft Cases with SCAN
CS5.  Solving Insurance Fraud, Arson and Loss Cases with SCAN
Total amount of order:  US$
Note:  if paying by credit card, please include total amount of order in appropriate space of "for credit cards" line in billing info.  Thank you!
Note:  Each video package (VIP1A) includes access to the LSI technical support hotline for one registered user.  Options L and LU (LOGIC Analysis Software), Options SW1, SW2, SW3 & SW4 (SCAN Workshop Guidebook), and Option CDR (LSI SCAN CD ROM) are only available for students who have attended the LSI course.
  Special pricing note:  The special at-course discount price is applicable only for one who is currently registered for or attending either the LSI Course on SCAN or the LSI Advanced Workshop on SCAN.  Also, one who is ordering a complete video package (VIP1A) at the regular price will be able to apply the special at-course discount price on all other products except for the videos.  The special price for the products will be applicable only if payment (by check or credit card) or purchase order is provided before the end of the course, or when ordering the video package.  All prices are in US dollars.  In Canada please add 5% GST.

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