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The LSI SCAN Advanced

Continuing Education Workshop


This 5-hour session, conducted online in real time, provides hands-on SCAN practice under the personal guidance of Avinoam Sapir, developer of the SCAN technique.  The workshop assists the student in further perfecting his/her mastery of the SCAN technique, including use of the computer in analyzing statements.  The student will progress through the stages of dissecting the statement into its components, arranging them into one picture, and finding new points based upon the emerging picture.  


The LSI SCAN Advanced Continuing Education Workshop will enable the student to utilize his/her knowledge of the SCAN technique in a more efficient and effective way, and to extract the maximum information from each statement.  Statements analyzed in the workshop will include statements submitted by the participants. 


Students will receive a certificate after completing  4, 8, and 12 sessions.


The student can participate from any convenient location via his/her own computer, using online meeting software.  (An access code will be provided to each student, enabling participation in LSI’s subscription to the online meeting software.)


The workshop is open only to students who have attended the basic LSI Course on SCAN.


The tuition fee for the LSI SCAN Advanced Continuing Education Workshop is $50 per student (special introductory rate) for regularly scheduled sessions.  Students who register for 3 sessions will receive a 4th session at no charge (i.e. $150 for 4 sessions); and students who register for 8 sessions will receive 4 free sessions (i.e. $400 for 12 sessions).  

Departments that would like to schedule special dedicated workshops for their personnel should contact LSI for details.