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SCAN Gets the Truth!

SCAN by LSI is an essential tool for every investigator and interviewer.

SCAN ("Scientific Content Analysis") is the most effective method available today for solving a case.

SCAN by LSI, sometimes referred to as "statement analysis"

   is a unique, effective technique for obtaining information and detecting deception strictly by means of verbal communication.

   SCAN gives you the maximum information from every interview.

   SCAN enables you to allocate resources in the most efficient way, to interview the right individuals and ask the right questions from the start.  

   SCAN quickly identifies true and false allegations in robbery, child abuse and rape.  SCAN gives you reliable sources of information which accurately determine the facts of the case.

   SCAN taps the most effective source of information - the person's own words!

When you need the truth -
SCAN by LSI is the answer!

SCAN transforms the investigator from an ordinary "collector of information" into a "walking polygraph".

SCAN will reduce the time of investigation for your department; it will avoid costly unnecessary investigation, thus saving money, work time, and manpower; and it will solve cases that otherwise would be left unsolved.

Investigators who have learned the SCAN technique agree:  the LSI course on SCAN was the best investment in their law enforcement career.  SCAN changed the way they look at information and handle it.

LSI, Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation, Inc., is the originator and developer of SCAN.  SCAN by LSI is the genuine, original method of statement analysis, and the only one that provides full technical support.  

In a three day course we can open the doors of knowledge for you.  Once you attend the SCAN course, you will only wonder how you ever managed without SCAN!

SCAN by LSI -   
the only way to "make a statement talk"!

How Do I Use SCAN?

To use SCAN you need to do the following:

    1.    Give the subject a pen and paper.

    2.    Ask the subject to write down his/her version of what happened.

    3.    Analyze the statement and solve the case.

The LSI SCAN course will show you how to interpret the statement from beginning to end.   Every word in the subject's statement - the pronouns and connections, the subjective time, the changes in language - will "talk" to you and show you the answer.

Every person has his own linguistic code.  By using linguistic methods to break and decipher this code, you will be able to obtain more information and to reach an accurate decision concerning the reliability of the information.

While others are out searching for physical evidence, you have already solved the case - using only the subject's own words.  

Why Is SCAN So Effective?

SCAN is based on the surprising fact that everyone wants to tell you everything.  Therefore, even when people attempt to conceal information, they do not realize how much is revealed by their very words.  An investigator who has learned the SCAN technique knows exactly where to look in order to expose this information.

SCAN will show you:

   whether the subject is truthful or deceptive

   what information the subject is concealing

   whether or not the subject was involved in the crime

SCAN reduces ambiguous signals.  SCAN gives investigators what they need to know - and enables them to tap the vast resources of information around them.

(See "How SCAN Gives You the Answer" for a more detailed explanation of how SCAN works.)

How Is SCAN Different from Other Techniques?

SCAN is scientific - a consistent formula which gives consistent results.  SCAN will solve every case for you quickly and easily, using only the subject's own words, given of his/her own free will.

SCAN is better than outside investigation because it saves time, money, and manpower.

SCAN is better than nonverbal communication ("body language") because it is based on concrete data - the subject's own words.

SCAN is not handwriting analysis.  SCAN is analysis of material, typed, printed or handwritten, by using specific features of content and structure.  It is a scientific approach to information, enabling the investigator to analyze written material in order to exhaust all the information behind the words and the sentences.

SCAN changes the process of obtaining information from an art to a science.  Obtaining information from people will no longer be influenced by personality differences or the ambiguous clues of "nonverbal communication".  Instead, you can take the words that the person himself says, and analyze them in a systematic way.

SCAN is effective for evaluating any form of verbal communication:  interviews, letters, depositions, documents, transcripts, even newspapers!

SCAN clearly reveals the meaning of every statement.  SCAN is the key to unlocking the truth.

Interview 100 People at Once - with SCAN and VIEW!

SCAN can be used on any written material; or, it can be applied with our VIEW Questionnaire, which offers streamlined use and optimum response.  SCAN and VIEW are non-threatening and non-accusatory - the perfect way to interview witnesses and sources as well as suspects.

By turning the interview into a written format, the VIEW Questionnaire can break the barrier of time and location.  

The VIEW Questionnaire can be completed by 100 people at the same time; it can be faxed to them at their location, and the completed questionnaires can be faxed back to the investigator.  And then, in less than an hour, the investigator will be able to review the questionnaires and solve the case.

When you use the VIEW Questionnaire, the answer will literally "jump out at you" - and the questionnaire will practically solve the case by itself.  Because SCAN and VIEW are the keys to unlocking the truth.

SCAN Saves You Time and Money

Past students of the SCAN technique have reported a dramatic increase in the amount of information obtained from people.  Thus, costly and time-consuming outside investigation was reduced to a minimum.

Many agencies have found that an interviewer who has taken the LSI SCAN Course saves the department many times the cost of tuition, due to increased efficiency on the job.

The SCAN course will pay for itself as soon as the investigator starts using SCAN on the job, on the same day that he/she returns from the course.

Who Uses SCAN and VIEW?

Anyone who needs to obtain information from interviews or investigations.  

The SCAN technique is now being used by federal, law enforcement, and military agencies throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia; by bank and insurance investigators; by private industry; and by social service professionals, including rights officers and child protective service caseworkers.

The LSI SCAN course will be of value to all individuals who deal with information, oral or written.  The course will enable the participant to effectively obtain and evaluate information.

Professions which can benefit tremendously from this course  include: interviewers, intelligence officers, investigators, personnel managers, social workers, psychologists, and executives.

A more detailed list of recent course participants in any of these areas will be sent on request.

SCAN is also being used in many other countries, including the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, and South Africa.

SCAN Is Useful for Obtaining Information in All Professional Situations


    Pre-Employment:  SCAN enables the interviewer to obtain more information from the interviewee's own words, and to detect deception if it is present.

    Negotiation:  SCAN enables the negotiator to obtain information and assess the reliability of the information furnished.

    Sales:  SCAN enables the salesperson to find out what the client really needs and expects, in order to make the best deal.

    Security:  SCAN is useful in many areas, including the identification of the individual(s) responsible for specific losses, shrinkage, industrial espionage, drug abuse, vandalism, etc.

Social services:  SCAN enables the interviewer to get accurate information by correctly interpreting the interviewee's words.  SCAN has been found to be very useful in investigating domestic conflicts, especially child abuse cases, in which there is a need to sift the truth from false allegations.

Law Enforcement:

    Witnesses:  SCAN analyzes the words that the person gives of his own free will.  SCAN eliminates the accusatory atmosphere of a typical "interrogation".

    Suspects:  SCAN enables you to obtain information and detect deception efficiently.  SCAN makes it possible to identify the involved party without causing resentment among the people interviewed.

    Polygraph:  SCAN reduces the number of inconclusive cases.  In addition, many polygraph examiners who use SCAN report a significantly increased rate of confessions either in the pretest or after it.

    Undercover work:  SCAN can be used in undercover work, even in the field when it is impossible to sit down and write a statement.

The Validity of SCAN

Analysis of statements has been found to be highly accurate and supported by a validation survey conducted in a U.S. governmental agency.  In that survey, when SCAN was compared to other methods, the validity of SCAN reached above 95%.  In these cases SCAN was also compared to polygraph results and was found to be more effective than the polygraph itself.

In the field, SCAN analysis has been found to be very accurate.  Again and again, investigators using SCAN have found that the information provided by SCAN was later verified by other methods of investigation.  SCAN has often led investigators to information whose existence was not even known beforehand.  Thus SCAN solved the case by alerting the investigator to the existence and location of the critical information.