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LSI -AOC - The Art of Confession

LSI is pleased to offer a new two-day course on "the Art of Confession".  The LSI SCAN-AOC course continues the SCAN ("Scientific Content Analysis") process, and shows the investigator how to use the subject's own words to get more information than the subject initially intended.

The SCAN-AOC course brings alive the LSI SCAN principle that "everyone wants to give every information to everyone."  Based on the principles of LSI SCAN, the SCAN-AOC course uses only the subject's own words, without reference to the subject's emotions or body language.

The SCAN-AOC course will teach the investigator how to logically show the subject that his/her own words cannot stand on their own.  The investigator will learn how to get the subject to confess with dignity, preserving the subject's integrity.  

The SCAN-AOC technique is currently being used with great success by police and private investigators in  locations where the class has already been presented.

The LSI  Basic Course on SCAN is recommended, but not required, prior to attending this course.

The tuition fee for the SCAN-AOC course is $375 per student.  

The course will be held in several locations.  In-house classes can also be scheduled for locations in the U.S., Canada, and other countries.  Please call LSI for details.