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Past Participants of the SCAN Course

General List
Special Courses and Lectures
Law Enforcement Agencies
Federal and Military Agencies
Private Corporations
What Past Participants Say about SCAN

Participants of the SCAN Course - General List

Federal Agencies
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Central Intelligence Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Defense Mapping Agency
Defense Logistic Agency
National Security Agency
US Customs Service
US Department of Justice
US Immigration and Naturalization
US Marshal Service
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
US Passport Agency
US Secret Service
Foreign Government Agencies
Australian Federal Police
Israel Customs Service
Singapore Police Department
Military Law Enforcement
US Air Force OSI
US Army Criminal Investigative Division
US Army Inspector General's Office
US Marine CorpsCID
US Naval Investigative Service
Canadian Military Police
Royal Australian Air Force Police
Military Intelligence
US Coast Guard Intelligence
a list of military intelligence units will be provided upon a specific request.
Cincinnati Fire Department, Ohio
Nashville Fire Department, Tennessee
San Antonio Fire Department, Texas
Sarasota Co. Fire Department, Florida
St. Paul Fire Department, Minnesota
California Dept. of Corrections
Illinois Dept. of Corrections
Minnesota Dept. of Corrections
Ministry of Correctional Services, Canada
Criminal Justice
Athens Co. Prosecutor's Office, Ohio
Garfield Co. District Attorney's Office, Colorado
Montgomery Co. District Attorney's Office, Pennsylvania
New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice
Oakland Co. Prosecutor's Office, Michigan
Tarrant Co. District Attorney's Office, Texas
Law Enforcement
Dallas PD, Texas
Denver PD, Colorado
Detroit PD, Michigan
Edmonton PD, Canada
Fairfax Co. PD, Virginia
Fort Worth PD, Texas
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Indianapolis PD, Indiana
Kansas Bureau of Investigation
Kentucky State Police
Los Angeles PD, California
Maryland State Police
Metro Dade PD, Florida
Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
New Jersey State Police
San Antonio PD, Texas
San Francisco PD, California
St. Charles Co. Sheriff's Dept., Missouri
Toronto Metro Police, Canada
Vancouver PD, Canada
Winston-Salem PD, North Carolina
American Family Insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Ohio Workers Compensation
Saskatchewan Government Insurance
State Farm Insurance
Private Corporations
Arco Oil
B. Dalton Bookseller
Blockbuster Entertainment, Inc.
Circuit City
Compaq Computer Corp.
Coors Brewing Co.
Electronic Data Systems
General Dynamics
General Motors
Mellon Bank
National Bank of Detroit
Service Merchandise Co.
South Central Bell
Southland Corp.
Telecom, Australia
Texas Utilities Services, Inc.
The Home Depot
Union Pacific
United Parcel Service
Social Services
Athens Co. Children's Services, Ohio
Central Michigan Community Mental Health Services
Fairfax Co. Child Protective Services, Virginia
Richmond Dept. of Social Services, Virginia


L.S.I. has conducted special courses and lectures for the following agencies and organizations:

American Polygraph Association (1988 Convention, Miami, Florida; 1989 Convention, Reno, Nevada)
American Society for Industrial Security (1987 Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada; 1989 convention, Nashville, Tennessee; and additional seminars)
Canadian Association of Police Polygraphers
Ohio Association of Polygraph Examiners
Pennsylvania Polygraph Examiners Association
Royal Australian Police College
Royal Australian Air Force Police
Saskatchewan Police College, Canada
The F.B.I. Academy, Quantico, Virginia
U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations
U.S. Army Criminal Investigative Division
U.S. Army Military Intelligence
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service