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Inside the Beltway - Case No. 4358   |   Are You a Killer, Asks Police Quiz
Are You a Killer, Asks Police Quiz

Reprinted from the "Daily Telegraph"
Sydney, Australia, July 9, 1996

Police have circulated up to 100 copies of a questionnaire about the disappearances of two women earlier this year.

Sarah Spiers and Jane Rimmer disappeared four months apart in Perth's popular cafe and nightclub strip of Claremont.

The questionnaire asks where people were when Ms Spiers disappeared from outside the nightclub, and did they abduct and murder her.

Detective Inspector Paul Fergeson said yesterday the questionnaires were being given to people who may have information that would help the inquiry.

They were not suspects.

"In the majority of cases, we want to use this to exclude people. Bar one or two, we're asking people to help us to exclude them from the inquiry," he said.

Between 50 and 100 questionnaires were circulated during the past seven days.

People were not legally bound to fill in the questionnaire, Det Insp Ferguson said.

He said the questions were standard for this type of inquiry, and people should not be afraid of filling in the sheet.

Lawyer Richard Bailey said yesterday that if a person was responsible for or associated with the disappearances, they would unlikely to complete the questionnaire.

"You're hardly going to get somebody writing in and answering the question 'Did you abduct or murder Sarah Spiers, 'I've done it,' signed Merv, or whatever, and then send it back to police," he said.