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Introduction to SCAN

SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis) will solve every case for you quickly and easily.  You only need the subject's own words, given of his/her own free will.

Everyone wants to tell you everything - even the people who commit crimes.  As an interrogator you need the tools to read this information clearly - and SCAN is the tool that will give you the truth.

SCAN will show you:

   whether the subject is truthful or deceptive

   what information the subject is concealing

   whether or not the subject was involved in the crime

How Do I Use SCAN?

To use SCAN you need to do the following:

1.    Give the subject a pen and paper.

2.    Ask the subject to write down his/her version of what happened.

3.  Analyze the statement and solve the case.

The LSI SCAN course will show you how to interpret the statement from beginning to end.   Every word in the subject's statement - the pronouns and connections, the subjective time, the changes in language - will "talk" to you and show you the answer.

While others are out searching for physical evidence, you have already solved the case - using only the subject's own words.

How Is SCAN Different from Other Techniques?

SCAN is scientific - a consistent formula which gives consistent results.  There is no guessing, or 20 steps to follow, or hours of stressful interviewing; you don't need to base an answer on the confusing signals of "body language".  

You need only the subject's own words, with their meaning clearly shown by SCAN.  SCAN is the key to unlocking the truth.

Interview 100 People at Once - with SCAN and VIEW!

SCAN can be used on any written material; or, it can be applied with our VIEW Questionnaire, which offers streamlined use and optimum response.  SCAN and VIEW are non-threatening and non-accusatory - the perfect way to interview witnesses and sources as well as suspects.

The VIEW Questionnaire can be completed by 100 people at the same time; it can be faxed to them at their location, and the completed questionnaires can be faxed back to the investigator.  And then, in less than an hour, the investigator will be able to review the questionnaires and solve the case.

When you use the VIEW Questionnaire, the answer will literally "jump out at you" - and the questionnaire will practically solve the case by itself.  Because SCAN and VIEW are the keys to unlocking the truth.

Getting the SCAN Advantage

The SCAN course will pay for itself as soon as the investigator starts using SCAN on the job, on the same day that he/she returns from the course.

Our students solve more crimes than their fellow workers who have not learned the SCAN technique.

Investigators who have learned the SCAN technique agree:  the LSI course on SCAN was the best investment in their law enforcement career.  SCAN gives investigators what they need to know - and enables them to tap the vast resources of information around them.

Who Uses SCAN and VIEW?

Anyone who investigates crimes.

The SCAN technique is now being used by federal, law enforcement, and military agencies throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia; by bank and insurance investigators; and by private industry.

A more detailed list of recent course participants in any of these areas will be sent on request.

SCAN is also being used in many other countries, including the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, and South Africa.

Where Do I Learn SCAN and VIEW?

The SCAN course is held every week of the year at locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  We have a SCAN course near you!  Please call us at 1-800-727-3113 for a complete list of course dates and locations, or to inquire about our many other educational products for learning the SCAN technique.

The Course Includes:

three days of intensive training in the SCAN technique (a total of 26 hours of instruction).

all training materials, including a 230-page workbook of lecture notes and guided reading.

the VIEW Questionnaire with basic instructions for its use.  VIEW (Verbal Inquiry - the Effective Witness) presents the SCAN technique in a ready-to-use form.

a CD-ROM of SCAN guidelines, case studies, and at-home exercises, including:
       •    the SCAN Workshop Guidebook
       •    the VIEW Guidebook
       •    the LSI SCAN Newsletter Anthology

technical support:  we provide technical support on an ongoing basis for any student who has completed the course.  A fax number is given for use on a 24 hour basis, for assistance with statements or VIEW questionnaires.


The SCAN technique was developed by Mr. Avinoam Sapir, a polygraph examiner, with a background in the Israeli Police Department in Jerusalem.  Mr. Sapir holds a Bachelors Degree in both Psychology and Criminology, and a Masters Degree in Criminology.  He developed the SCAN technique by conducting extensive research into verbal communication, looking into the linguistic behavior used by people in communication.

The SCAN course is presented either by Mr. Sapir, or by instructors specially trained by Mr. Sapir.


The fee for the course (instruction and materials) is $600 per student, including the SCAN course and the basic VIEW questionnaire.  Discounts are available for organizations who register two or more students.

Special Courses

On request, we will conduct the course exclusively for personnel of a requesting organization at any designated site, if the organization will guarantee a class of 15 students.

An in-house program can reduce the overall cost for your organization, due to savings in travel expenses and per-diem for the students.  In addition, this would enable LSI to tailor the course to the specific needs of your organization.