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LSI SCAN Seminar on

Detecting and Preventing Violence

using the VIEW Questionnaire


In recent years there has been a wave of violence in which people have taken weapons and gone out to kill others.  This has taken place in the public arena, in universities, in schools, in the workplace, and in other places.

In a survey done by the US Secret Service, it was found that in 20 out of 21 cases in which students went to kill other students in a school, these students had talked about it openly to people around them.

A new seminar developed by LSI demonstrates the use of the VIEW Questionnaire to detect individuals who are likely to commit such extreme violence against others around them.  The new designs of the VIEW Questionnaire target several different types of behavior, both verbal and non-verbal, that are likely to be found in those who have killed others or plan to do so.  Since the VIEW Questionnaire does not deal with opinions, morals, or values, it is applicable to people from any cultural background; and since it is non-threatening and non-accusatory, and treats every person as a witness, it can be used for any group as a screening method.

The new seminar includes five new designs of the VIEW Questionnaire: Terrorism, Violence against minorities, Violence in schools, Violence in the workplace, and Violence against the self (suicide).

The five designs are discussed in a  6-hr program using a PowerPoint presentation, narrated by Avinoam Sapir, the developer of the a SCAN technique and the VIEW Questionnaire.  The program outlines the basic concepts of the SCAN technique, the basic concepts of the VIEW Questionnaire, and the five new designs.  Even a person who has not studied the full SCAN course can participate in this new program and use it efficiently with the ready-to-use VIEW Questionnaires.

The package includes: the LSI SCAN VIEW Guidebook; a CD with the 5 new designs, and all previous designs of the VIEW Questionnaire; and online access to the seminar.

The cost of the program is $150. A special rate of $99 will be offered to students of the SCAN course who purchase the program at the course.

Departments that would like to schedule special dedicated workshops for their personnel should contact LSI for details.